Advanced Skills Coaching

Have a paragliding licence and want to improve your skills?

Need a hand figuring out those sneaky thermals? 

Come join in one of our advanced skills courses. We cater for all ranges of pilots from freshly licensed to the highly skilled XC hound. Courses are tailor-made for the group and groups are selected based on experience levels. Minimum  2 and maximum 4 pilots.

Includes morning briefings, XC theory coaching and post flight analysis as well as full transport and retrieve.

Cross Country/Thermalling Clinics

We select the best forecasts for 3 flying days out of 5. 

Cost $700/three days (total adjusted for bad weather) 

Dates are set (see below):

31st October - 04th November 2019  (Fully Booked!)

19th December - 23rd December 2019

More XC Clinics in 2020 - TBA

Personal Coaching

One-on-one coaching. We assess your skills/knowledge and goals; then tailor make ​a progression just for you! 


The best way to fast track your flying!

(may also include an XC Tandem) 

Cost: $350/day (guaranteed individual tuition)

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